Time Topic Speaker Presentation
8:30 Registration and Coffee
9:15 Welcome Gustaf Servé & the DKNOG Crew
9:30 Manda APU Marcus Stögbauer, Manda Slides
9:50 Coffee Break
10:10 Gold Sponsor Teaser Gustaf Servé, Conscia Slides
10:15 Practical DDoS - A hosting provider perspective Thomas Raabo, Zitcom
10:45 Coffee Break
11:10 Gold Sponsor Teaser Martin Bech Nielsen, Interxion Slides
11:15 clogin and using Unix tool chains Jan Gronemann, DSV Slides
11:30 NLNOG-Ring SQA Job Snijders, Founder NLNOG Ring Slides
11:45 Large-scale iperf line testing Allan Eising, Nianet Slides (zip)
12:05 Lunch
13:00 DIX Update Jan Ferré, DeIC
13:08 COMIX Updates Mathias Wolkert, Netnod Slides
13:15 Social Sponsor Teaser Netnod
13:20 Update from the RIPE NCC Andrzej Wolski, RIPE NCC Slides
13:40 Coffee Break
14:00 NTP and ntimed Poul-Henning Kamp
14:45 Coffee Break & Cake
15:25 IRR Lockdown Job Snijders, NTT Communications Slides
15:40 Maera - Visualising RIPE Atlas results Mikkel Kristensen, Slides
15:55 Airconsole Overview Jonas Hauge Slides
16:05 Coffee Break
16:25 DKNOG5 Connectivity Mikael Velschow-Rasmussen, NetDesign Slides
16:45 Closing off DKNOG5 Benjamin Blangstrup & the DKNOG crew
17:00 Short Break
17:10 Optional: DKNOG6 kick-off
17:40 Walk towards social venue
18:00 Social Teaterkælderen


IRR Lockdown

By Job Snijders, NTT Communications


Although many consider the existing IRR system to be a tarpit of stale, incorrect data with plentyful opportunity to insert rogue route objects, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon! We devised a new routing security mechanism to generate route filters. This method does a far better job at protecting RIPE managed space. This talk covers what the intentions and implications of NTT’s routing policy change are.


Job Snijders is actively involved in the Internet community both in an operational capacity and as a founder of cooperation efforts such as the NLNOG RING. He has taught service providers in the Middle East how to deploy IPv6, is involved in the IETF and chair of RIPE’s Database Working Group. Job holds an IP Development position at NTT Communications, a global Tier 1 IP Backbone.

NTP and Ntimed

By Poul-Henning Kamp


Network Time Protocol is one of the ancient application protocols still in widespread use, but the software everybody runs needs an update. This talk is about “Ntimed”, a new NTP implementation for modern levels of security, OaM and efficiency.


Poul-Henning Kamp published his first FOSS program some time in the late 1980s and he has been involved in FOSS ever since. He has been a major force in FreeBSD, where amongst many other things he renovated the timekeeping code. These days he works a lot on the Varnish HTTP accelerator and on a new family of time-synchronization programs called Ntimed. He is also a diagnosed time-nut, having far more atomic frequency standards, GPS receivers and LORAN-C receivers than anybody would ever need.

Practical DDoS - A hosting provider perspective

By Thomas Raabo, Zitcom A/S


DDoS attacks have become a worldwide threat. Companies combat these attacks by investing in tools and enlisting the help of service providers to defend their networks. This talk will try to explain the challenges a medium sized Danish hosting company is facing!


Thomas Raabo, CCIE#33466 has been with Zitcom A/S for 5 years and is currently the Network Operation Manager, he has been working in the hosting industry over the past 12 years. His current focus is on data centre, security infrastructure and virtualization operations.


By Andrzej Wolski, RIPE NCC


An update on the current activities of RIPE NCC and recent changes in RIPE community policies


Andrzej Wolski works as a Trainer at the RIPE NCC. In this role, Andrzej delivers training courses throughout the RIPE NCC service region on topics such as Local Internet Registries, IPv6, the RIPE Database and the Routing Registry. He is also responsible for the ongoing development of the Routing Security Training Course material and the online laboratories available through the Virtual Classroom.

Before joining the RIPE NCC, Andrzej worked as a Network Engineer and System Engineer for various Internet Service Providers and enterprises across Europe, where he was also responsible for running Local Internet Registries.

Lightning talks

clogin and using Unix tool chains

By Jan Gronemann, DSV


By Job Snijders, Founder NLNOG Ring

Manda APU

By Marcus Stoegbauer, Manda

Large-scale iperf line testing

By Allan Eising, Nianet

Airconsole overview

By Jonas Hauge

Maera - Visualising RIPE Atlas results

By Mikkel Mondrup,

IXP updates

Mathias Wolkert, Netnod COMIX Anders Mundt Due, DIX